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Course outline

The school follows Pearson MyPedia from nursery to grade 8. It is country’s first fully integrated learning eco-system that aims to transfer educational delivery in schools while integrating all learning and teaching tools in a well-designed scientific manner.It improves the communication skills,learning skills and becomes good platform for practical and theoritical knowledge.It enhances students’ knowledge and cognitive skills to meet ever changing global challenges.

Primary and Secondary Section

At DGS, we believe that our curriculum inspires and motivates our young people to achieve their full potential through practical and play based learning. We are committed to providing a safe, caring and engaging environment which ensures that a range of opportunities will be provided for the academic and personal development of every young person and one which stimulates them to learn and achieve with enjoyment, confidence and success

DGS has developed an enriched curriculum that is relevant and stimulating offering the children a range of experiences

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Beyond Academics

A Chinese proverb very aptly states : “teach me and I will forget. Show me, I might remember. Involve me and I will never forget. To a very great extent, the theoretical knowledge is enhanced when a co-curricular activity related to the content is taught. Intellectual development of the personality is achieved to a great extent in the classroom itself. But the aesthetic development like character building , spiritual and moral values, physical growth, creativity and many more are backed up by co-curricular activities only